People Are In Love With A Grandma Who Stitched Her Grandkids' College Shirts Together

People — family and strangers alike — are telling Grandma Donice that they love her.

Meet siblings Kevin Womack, 19, and Cameron Womack, 18, from Tampa Bay, but both currently attend colleges in Atlanta. The two had pulled high GPAs this semester, and no one was more proud than their Grandma Donice when they returned home for the holidays.

Kevin Womack

Grandma was so proud of her grandkids that she sewed her Morehouse College (where Kevin attends) and Spelman College (where Cameron attends) shirts together so she could celebrate both of their accomplishments at the same time. Kevin told BuzzFeed News this was her own unique "Brag T."

Kevin Womack

"She knew we were doing so well in school and I guess she wanted to show us both some granny love for the holiday," Kevin said.

He added that he was truly touched, but mostly "surprised" by the craftiness.

Grandma Donice has always been the biggest advocate for education in the family, Kevin explained. Her son, Kevin's dad, was valedictorian.

"She's always valued our education way more than anything else — since we were little," he added.

And when Donice was asked, via text from her grandson, what compelled her to show out for them this way, she said that she simply wanted to be able to brag 24/7, "coming and going."

Kevin Womack

Kevin was so touched he shared her "Brag T" on Twitter, where the single image has been retweeted nearly 27,000 times. In fact, strangers are as moved by it, as if it were their own grandmother.

My grandma had two shirts sewn together so she could rep me and my sister at the same time ❤️💙

People are responding with crying GIFs.

@KevinnWomackk @jayyshy You better APPRECIATE HER, OKAY?

And sternly telling Kevin, and little sis Cameron, that Grandma Donice is appreciated by the internet. And that if she doesn't already, she needs to know. Now.

@KevinnWomackk She is appreciated. Always tell her.

@KevinnWomackk don't even know her and I love her

@KevinnWomackk @AfricanaCarr she a real one

Kevin told BuzzFeed News he often feels like "the luckiest grandson in the world" for having a grandmother in his corner, always.

Kevin Womack

"She consistently supports me and my sister in everything we do — She's been a big supporter of our choice to attend an HBCU," Kevin said.

Adding, "I love my granny so much."

The collective internet appreciates you, Granny Donice.

@KevinnWomackk That is absolutely darling. Give her a hug from the internet, this holiday! <3