People Can't Handle This Adorable 2-Year-Old Who Argued With Her Dad Like A Grown-Ass Adult


These are Brittany Lott, 24, and Ammons Dinkins, 28, with their adorable 2-year-old daughter, Jordan.

Lott told BuzzFeed News she noticed Jordan was more "articulate" than most children when she was just 1.

"Every day when we'd go somewhere or watch something, like Barney, she will ask me questions — she's one of those kids who talks during movies," she said. "Instead of me telling her to be quiet, I’d tell her stuff, and she would remember. She’s always been wise beyond her age."

Lott said a year ago she recorded a hilarious moment between Jordan and her dad. A recent conversation with a friend compelled her to share the video publicly for the first time.

"With her dad she has this playful relationship," Lott said. "He’s really goofy so he plays with her."

In the video, Dinkins and Jordan are having an argument about virtually "nothing," Lott said. And Jordan is seen arguing back by clapping her hands like an adult. "They ... fight like an old couple," Lott wrote.

Father daughter moment about a year ago. They're inseparable but fight like an old couple 😑🙄❤

"I don't wanna hear it!" Jordan is heard telling Dinkins while mimicking his hand motions.

"I don't wanna hear what you're saying!" Dinkins playfully argues back.

Jordan then yells a bunch of gibberish — with a lot of conviction and a lot of mature hand motions.

"We’ve never argued in front of her," Lott said. "It’s just her personality — she’s very smart."

Lott's video of Jordan and her dad has gone hugely viral.

@LottyBe_Chillin Babygirl said she did not want to hear it! This is adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. I needed this smile.

Many people said it brought them much-needed smiles.

@LottyBe_Chillin I am cryin this is the cutest shit I've seen in a minute😂😭😍

"I need to know who won this argument."

I need to know who won this argument

"She's already mastering the black female 'dis-agreement clap' go girl."

She's already mastering the black female "dis-agreement clap" go girl!!!

Jordan has mostly given us all a memorable and applicable line. "I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT," SHE SAID.



People are also cracking jokes that she's already shaping up to be an effective lawyer.

Thats a baby lawyer right there 😚 now I need a wife and a daughter 😢😔

Lott noted she hasn't seen Jordan clap or argue like that since, but said, "I could see her being on the debate team."

@LottyBe_Chillin I bet she's gonna be spoiled or be a lawyer bc she's gonna win with these arguments 😂

"If that attitude ever becomes a problem, she could put it toward something positive," Lott added.

She also told BuzzFeed News that while the responses to the video have been largely positive, she's seen some comments "bashing [her] as a parent."

@WillieG36155135 @pilotxtalk She's a very well behaved child actually.

"I've seen comments saying [Jordan] is going to be on welfare," Lott said. "It made me wish I didn’t put the video up, but it’s more positive than negative."

"I know what kind of parent I am and what kind of child she is," Lott added. And Jordan is one endearingly advanced kid.

When BuzzFeed News joked with Jordan about what a little celebrity she's become, Jordan responded, "I guess so."


Jordan and Dinkins were arguing about a whole lot of "nothing," Lott confirms. A previous version of this post referenced a different moment.