Some Guys Are Discovering The Existence Of Fake Eyelashes With Sheer Terror And Concern

dO yOu StiLL hAVe eYeLaShEs?

Jade Zanatta, 18, is a student at the University of Victoria, and a pro and proponent of wearing fake eyelashes.

Last week, while hanging out with two guys at her residence hall, she said they asked her how she grew her "eyelashes so much longer and darker since the last time" they saw her.

"I explained to them that they were fake," but they only grew even more confused and curious, Zanatta said.

And they still couldn't quite comprehend the logistics of applying synthetic eyelashes.

So Zanatta showed the guys how to apply the eyelashes...and how to peel them off. She recorded this educational session (which was later shared by a friend on Twitter) and then captured the two guys, Traben and Angus, with sheer terror and concern in their eyes.

since my friend jade doesn't have twitter i am posting this on her behalf cuz of the innocence and concern of teena…

Via Twitter: @reagskurp

GASP — "Do you still have eyelashes??" one of them asked sincerely.

People online thought Traben and Angus's visceral reaction was quite endearing.

Via Twitter: @trulythanks


"Do you still have eyelashes" absolutely destroyed people.

Via Twitter: @micdropyoongs

@reagskurp “do you still have eyelashes” IM SCREAMING

Via Twitter: @chrisaIstott

The video has exposed other young, confused gents who'd only recently learned about the existence of fake eyelashes — and who are quite afraid of them, apparently.

@reagskurp @elliechapman_ Reminded me of this (post taking off my falsies in front of jack)

Via Twitter: @LaraSaabor

@reagskurp @NovaIstGott I only discovered this last week

Via Twitter: @careIe_ss

@Itstoooot @reagskurp @lafillearabe Lmfaoooo this was me when I first wore lashes infront of my husband 😂👏🏻

Via Twitter: @ohitsjustnahla

The learning curve is larger than you'd imagine for some.

Pro tip: For Halloween, instead of spiders, leave your old lashes lying around.

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