This Is Elon Musk's 70-Year-Old Mom. She Is Cool As Fuck.

"She definitely doesn't text back."

You know Elon Musk: CEO of Tesla, founder of Space X, and a billionaire with a legion of die-hard followers.

But do you know Maye Musk? She's the 70-year-old Canadian woman who gave birth to Elon. Maye is a model who's recently been featured in Vanity Fair and whose aesthetic has been majorly cosigned by streetwear brand HYPEBAE.

Maye is the OG Instagram influencer.

And she's cool as fuck.

A lot of people (namely me) only recently woke up to this fact and were introduced to Elon's mother via a recent viral tweet. And just...fuck me up, Maye.

The aesthetic is strong.

the drip is so authentic here

"She definitely doesn't text back," one person wrote.

She dresses better than your MCM.

maye musk dress better than half of yal eboys out here

Here she is in head-to-toe Louie V x Supreme pajamas in her latest HYPEBAE shoot.

And here she is regal, poised, serving looks.

[Updates vision board.]

[WikiHow-To this future self.]

Besides being a working model at age 70, Maye also has master's degrees in dietetics and nutritional science. She's frequently shares nutritional health studies and tips.

And shows unwavering support for her kids' endeavors, like some of Elon's small hobbies.

Big mood.

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