Fashion Nova Sent People Texts Asking Them To Spend Their Stimulus Checks On Fashion Nova

Three people who work the hardest in these tough times: 1. The devil 2. Kris Jenner 3. Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova has incited all kinds of reactions for a marketing ploy to get people to spend their coronavirus pandemic economic impact payments on Fashion Nova apparel.

It's being called anything and everything from "ignorant" to "messy" to...oh, should I forego rent and buy cheap fast fashion instead?

On Wednesday, as the US government began to send stimulus checks and direct deposit to most American adults who've filed their annual tax return, influencer-friendly brand Fashion Nova came prepared to try to take advantage of the situation.

"When That Stimulus Deposit Hits ... Save Up To 80% OFF SITEWIDE. Use Code: STAYIN*). Shop ASAP," read the mass texts people received and shared online. The texts also included a direct link to the Fashion Nova site.

bro i hate fashion nova i am not spending my Trump Bucks on ur biker shorts

The direct-to-consumer push during a time of crisis left a lot of people speechless.

People reminded the company that these checks are intended to help people going through financial hardships — who are having trouble paying for things like rent, food, and other common necessities. In recent weeks, unemployment numbers have spiked across the country.

"There’s people literally behind on their bills.. fashion nova has some nerve," one person tweeted.

Others were more expressively angered by the move.

"Fashion nova are you serious? This is time is no joke. People have lost their jobs and need food or pay bills," another weighed in. "And the fact that they use the code 'stay in' is like a mockery to a situation which people have died."

Fashion Nova is so wrong for this, the stimulus isn’t for shopping its for people who need it during such hard times, this is so ignorant .. #COVID19

Im done with Fashion Nova and their foolery #Stimuluscheck

The very real and growing backlash against the company has almost become a meme. People seem truly gobsmacked.

no one: * stimulus check arrives * Fashion Nova:

Fashion nova is out of mfckin POCKET like bitch don’t text me about my money

Some, however, jokingly admitted to being convinced by the marketing.

HERE COMES FASHION NOVA TRYNNA LURE ME IN WITH THE TEXTS, annoying. pass me my laptop though

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the company for comment.

In the meantime, if you are struggling financially, here are some basic tips for how to get organized, find assistance, and juggle your debts and saving.

The Government Works Hard But Fashion Nova Works Harder 💯

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