People Are Warning Others About A Bottled Sangria That They're Calling "Fancy Four Loko"

"I had two Friday and woke up the next morning on the kitchen floor with a chicken tender in my hand."

Several viral Facebook posts and tweets are warning people of a deceptively potent drink called Capriccio Bubbly Sangria.

These two separate people and I had seen a third post. This drink must have some secret shit they don’t include in the ingredients cause this wild asf

Although not a whole lot is known about the exact make and contents of the bottled sangria, its national sales director once described it as "full-bodied," "sweet," and that it "over-delivers on the alcohol content."

Capriccio Bubbly Sangria is a product that was launched in 2014 by a Florida-based company with distilleries in Puerto Rico.

The company's national sales director, Dave Steiner, introduced the drink at an event in Ohio as a "100% natural product," and said a bottle "is equivalent to two glasses of wine."

Over the weekend, Twitter user @TheStateOf__ shared several different social media posts about the drink. People claimed only a small amount of the drink, which has 13.9% alcohol content, made them heavily intoxicated — or, as one person put it, "drunk fuck lit."

Others who apparently tried it for the first time over the weekend shared their experiences with very descriptive language.

So I bought this Capriccio drink & I'm feelin like Beyoncé when she sang drunk in love , SURFBOARD 🌊🌊🌊🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏽‍♀️ 13.9% alcohol I might end up pregnant

Someone who supposedly drank it on Mother's Day said it had her rekt.

This mf sangria capriccio IS NOT A GAME 😭😭🌚 I’m at a Mother’s Day event tweakin!

BuzzFeed News has reached out to a handful of these users/reviewers/victims.

Many others said they couldn't even finish one bottle, and warned folks to not try it for themselves.

The Hype is Real DONT DO IT TO YOURSELF😭 I couldn’t finish it 🌚

People then emphasized the warnings. "This shit right here is no joke...they are not exaggerating."

This shit right here is no joke...they are not exaggerating.

Their descriptions of what the drink is like were somehow both entertaining and unnerving.

@Poppinshay I had two Friday and woke up the next morning on the kitchen floor with a chicken tender in my hand

@girlsthat_hoop @kingofthistrill I don't know what kind of soucery is in this bottle but it gets you. I feel like it's sangria mixed with 4 loko with a double shot of henny and remy.... it gives you the worst headache EVER but it's soooo good

"Capriccio is IN NO WAY sangria, is the devil' blood. I really can't remember how my nights ended when I drank it."

@humanatur3 I never tried four loko but my friends that has say is the same... Capriccio is IN NO WAY sangria, is the devil’ blood. I really can’t remember how my nights ended when I drank it

It's been touted as the new Four Loko (RIP).

That Capriccio Bubbly Sangria shit probably Four Loko in a pretty bottle. So that’s basically female viagra. I might test the theory.


However, these tweets haven't really turned people off. In fact, it's spiked curiosity online.

So where can I get a 4 pack of these capriccio bubbly sangrias everyone talking about😂🤔

Where can I find them Capriccio Bubbly Sangria wine coolers from?...I’m trying to see what’s all the hype about 🗣🗣‼️

This has some people speculating that the hype could all be a large, elaborate marketing campaign.

all of these tweets about this sangria must be a marketing campaign by the company I will not be fooled

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the company, as well as a handful of users who've posted about the product.

Although some said they, or people they know, are really getting shitfaced off of it.

@MADBLACKTHOT They almost got my ass. Then I snapped back into reality. I fucking hate Sangria

@MADBLACKTHOT Folks are really getting black out drunk and quick from them shits apparently. I’m ready to try it.

Most people, it seems, don't care either way.

Am I dumb for wanting to try for myself

They're ready to risk it all.

@Mariah_mmorris Me going to try it out after everyone’s saying not to:

But seriously — this is the lame but important part of the post where we tell you to please not be stupid and drink responsibly.

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