A Mom Finessed Floor Seats At A Game And People Are Calling Her “Joanne The Scammer"

Someone outfit this mom with a fur coat ASAP.

This is 23-year-old Eric Griffin from Tacoma, Washington, and his mom. His mom lives in Seattle and attended a Seahawks game with a friend on Sunday.

Eric Griffin

Griffin's mom and her friend had purchased "nosebleed" seats for the game — and even those can get pretty pricey for NFL tickets.

But when they arrived at the game, mom figured out a little...maneuver, if you will, so she could watch her favorite team with a better view.

She texted Griffin a "sweet little hustle" she figured out at the game. Basically, mom checked her StubHub app when she got there and realized they show you all the unpurchased floor seats — seats she happily volunteered to fill.

Eric Griffin

She also sent her son a photo of herself in her new seats. "I immediately started laughing," he told BuzzFeed News. "Not because she upgraded her seats, but because she sent a selfie along with it."

Eric Griffin

Griffin then shared his mom's texts on Twitter and it quickly went viral, with now over 11,000 retweets. Griffin joked that his mom was a "scammer" at the game.

And people agreed, hilariously referencing one famous "scammer" in particular.

Griffin's mom was also called a "hero," "idol," "genius," and "finesse queen."

Some folks pointed out that this hack is nothing new, but the fact that a mom pulled the move proves that moms stay knowing.

@ericdgriffey Empty seats have been getting finessed since forever 😂 Sit there until someone comes then move down to the next available one.

Whoever don't know about doing this just slow lol but mama real for this 😂 RT @ericdgriffey: My mom is a scammer 😂😂😂

Griffin said his mom probably doesn't know who Joanne the Scammer is, but he finds the whole thing "hilarious."

Eric Griffin

"The only reason I referenced 'scammer' is because of Joanne," he added.

Watch out for Eric's Mom the Scammer, 2017.

Eric Griffin / Via Instagram: @iambranden