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A Mom Put A Message For Her Teen Son On A Vodka Bottle If He Ever Tried To Drink It

People are applauding Cheryl's "extra" parenting methods.

Posted on December 29, 2016, at 4:02 p.m. ET

This is 17-year-old Spencer Slavazza and his mom, Cheryl. Since he's still underage, Spencer told BuzzFeed News his mom is constantly keeping a close watch over him.

Spencer Aidan Slavazza
Spencer Aidan Slavazza

"She is always looking for ways to monitor me," he said. But adds that she's not always strict; she "keeps it fun."

For the holidays this year, his mom purchased a unique bottle of vodka from Costco. The bottle has a built-in, pre-programmed digital banner so you can customize a display message. Ms. Cheryl had originally set it to say, "Happy holidays from the Slavazzas," Spencer said.

But one day recently, as he walked past the bottle, he noticed the message had been changed.

And the message seemed to be addressing him, specifically.

Spencer's mom had apparently reprogrammed the vodka so that it read, spelled out very slowly across the bottle, "DRINK THIS N ILL WHOOP YA ASS."

Spencer laughed when he read the message, recorded it, and shared it to his Twitter, where it's been re-shared thousands of times.

A lot of people called Spencer's mom "extra" for it, and a lot more people have been hailing this as "parent goals."

I aspire to be this extra as a parent 😂😂

future parent goals 😂👌🏾

Parent goals 😂

If you're wondering, Spencer has not touched Cheryl's alcohol, he confirms to BuzzFeed News.

"I consider myself a responsible child as I'm underage and respect my mom's rules," he said.

But he did tell his mom that people online were praising her and her parenting. And while Ms. Cheryl found the comments funny, she also warned her son "to be careful about what [he] posts on the internet," Spencer said.

Moms 😂.

Spencer Slavazza