Teens Are Hilariously Thanking A Superintendent For Canceling School And It's So Pure

"Honestly you are so inspirational Dr. Roy, thank you."

This is Joseph Roy, who's been serving as superintendent for the Bethlehem Area School District in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for seven years now.

On Wednesday night, as severe winter conditions badly hit parts of eastern Pennsylvania, Roy made the call to cancel school the following day.

BASD schools and offices will be closed tomorrow, Feb 9, 2017

Roy told BuzzFeed News he started a Twitter account in 2012 with the intention to communicate more directly with parents.

But he realized more of his students ended up following him on the social media network.

"What quickly happened was kids realized I would tweet out weather closings and delays," Roy said. "That led to many kids following me."

Roy said there are about 5,000 high schoolers in the district, and many, if not most of them, are among his Twitter follower count. The superintendent has over 9,000 followers currently.

As students woke up to the news of the cancelation via Roy's tweet, they immediately erupted in celebration.


Superintendent Roy's comment section could only be described in one way: It was lit.

And emotional. "I'm crying I'm so excited that you exist and do whatever you do!" someone, very touched, wrote back.

@BASDSUPT I have no idea who you are but thank you so damn much. I'm crying I'm so excited that you exist and do whatever you do! #GOAT

He was dubbed a "hero" and "the greatest of all time."

It was teetering on extra. "Thank you Jesus thank you Dr. Roy I owe you my life."


"Honestly you are so inspirational Dr. Roy, thank u"

@BASDSUPT honestly you are so inspirational Dr. Roy, thank u

"You're the only presidential candidate I would ever vote for."

@BASDSUPT You're the only presidential candidate I would ever vote for.

Roy told BuzzFeed News he often gets DMs from students — some who need a practical question answered about the school system, and some, like these kids, who only want to express their sincerest gratitude. "This is unintended, very positive consequence of using Twitter," he said.

Roy said he received an image from a student with his face photoshopped onto a superhero's body.

"Kids know who I am," he explained further. "When I walk through the halls at school, kids see me and say hi. And that they know me through Twitter."

As far as the overwhelming (and, again, hilariously extra) responses to the snow day announcement, Roy is "good with it — as long as it's in good fun."

@BASDSUPT not all heroes wear capes 😭🙏

After Roy's daughter, Jessica, shared the responses on his dad's tweet, adults are delightfully cracking up about it.

it's time for my favorite thing about snow days: teens replying to my dad about school being canceled https://t.co/0dc8TwBMUf

And are thanking Jessica for bringing joy to their day.

@JessicaKRoy this is so genuinely delightful, thank you

oh my goodness this is pure delight @JessicaKRoy @mollyknefel

@JessicaKRoy This gives me hope for the future.

And to the student, @Reach_Adapt, who asked "how bout Friday," BuzzFeed News is sad to report that chances of a Friday snow day are low, bud. "There’s no way we’re going to be cancelled tomorrow," Roy confirmed.

"The sun is now out, plows are out plowing," the superintendent said.

"It could be a delay possibly, depending on how it's looking overnight. I’m looking out, but I anticipate no problems tomorrow."

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