People Are Freaked By This Teen Who Met One Doppelgänger And Then Several Others Online

"I'm secretly (not so secretly) hoping for a real life Parent Trap."

This is 17-year-old Santana Gutierrez, who's originally from Las Vegas and is currently attending UC San Diego in La Jolla, California.

Santana's story starts all the way back in September, when she serendipitously met a girl at a mall in San Diego who looked a lot like her. She told BuzzFeed News that "so many things had to happen" that day for them to meet each other.

Afterward, Santana tweeted the photo and said she had met her "literal doppelgänger just now." Her tweet from September has been retweeted over 20,000 times.

I found my literal doppelgänger just now wtf

It was all cute and fun — until this week, when someone who had just stumbled upon her viral tweet tweeted at Santana with a photo of her friend, who suspiciously looks a lot like Santana as well.

@santanaa_g are you sure it's not @allyholtt ???

The resemblance is uncanny, tbqh. When Santana saw the photos of user @allyholtt, "I was extremely freaked out," she said. She even showed them to her parents — just in case there was something she should know.

"I showed [the photos] to my dad because everyone said, 'Your parents have some explaining to do,'" she said, laughing.

But her parents confirmed there are no familial ties to these other lookalikes.

"It was very weird!" she said.

Very soon after, another photo emerged of a completely different person who shared similar facial attributes to the other three ladies.

@santanaa_g ummm I found your 3rd clone... y'all are triplets man 😂

People are baffled by the resemblances among complete strangers. Some are even convinced there must be some DNA relation in this doppelgänger ring.

@santanaa_g ARE YOU TWO RELATED IN ANY WAY?! There's no way you're not!!


@santanaa_g fah real y'all should get a blood test 😅

@santanaa_g When are your birthdays??? I'm secretly (not so secretly) hoping for a real life Parent Trap!!!

There were a lot of references to Orphan Black, but Santana said she's never seen the show. The show even retweeted a joke about it.

@santanaa_g @OshadaK5 Isn't this how Orphan Black started?

(And had their own fun with it.)

@santanaa_g @allyholtt If you guys are ever in need of a clone phone hit us up.

A few more lookalikes were shared, including actors Samantha Boscarino and Auli'i Cravalho.

@santanaa_g you guys both look like samantha boscarino


Santana told BuzzFeed News she's still in contact with Isobel (the original "twin") and hopes she can get in touch with the rest of the gang. "It would be so funny for all of us to meet one day to see each other in person," she said.

@santanaa_g so I collected y'all people commented

She also joked about all coordinating the same outfits one day to take a picture together.

BuzzFeed News will update you when that epic day (and photo) comes.

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