People Are Super Stressed About Polls Showing Trump Closing In On Clinton

"Too scared to watch" tonight's high-stakes debate.

Ahead of the first presidential debate tonight, some recent polls are showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a tight race.

New CNN polls suggest Trump and Clinton are tied 46% to 46% among likely voters, and are neck and neck in the crucial battleground states of Pennsylvania and Colorado.

The latest national poll from Bloomberg even shows Trump leading the overall race by two points.

And the polling averages — what you should really be looking at, rather than individual polls — are close.

The visceral reaction from some people to this reality was a loud and resounding "HOW THE..."

Which was immediately followed by frustration and speculation.

The polls are particularly significant because there is already a lot of tension— nay, full-out freakouts — in anticipation of the first debate.

Me trying to decide if watching the debates live tonight is good for my health

me all day today waiting for the debates tonight

People are, and I quote, "too scared to watch."

And an early BuzzFeed News prediction: There will be a lot of alcohol consumed across the country.

Me preparing to watch tonight's debate. #debatenight

Polls may be fleeting and inconsequential, but one feeling has been constant:

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