A Man Got A "Sensitive Body Part" Stuck In A Gym Weight And People Are Rightfully Confused

It was most likely his penis.

Firefighters in Worms, Germany, had to carefully saw apart a 2.5-kilogram gym weight Friday after a man stuck "a very sensitive body part in the hole," they wrote in a Facebook post that's now gone viral.

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The Worms Fire Department said they were called to the hospital, where they met the patient with a "somewhat different kind" of problem, they wrote in German.

"With the aid of the cutting grinder, a vibrating saw and a hydraulic rescue device," the fire rescue crew very delicately cut the gym weight open, freeing the patient.

The task took three hours, they wrote.

While they did not explicitly say that the "sensitive body part" that was stuck was this patient's penis, people are speculating that it most likely was.

"Did he stick his dick in the hole?" one responded. "If so, how do you come up with shit like that? Was that supposed to be an exercise for more stamina in bed?"

"Whoa dude seriously? They only fit your index finger, seriously I work with those weights every day. Sorry but he must have had a pretty small one if he fit in there," another person added.

One person joked about how the patient would explain this incident to friends, or his future kids, one day.

"When his grandkids ask him one day: 'Grandpa, what was your biggest accomplishment in life?' He can say: 'One time I went viral on the internet...' And his grandkids will say: 'What? How?' And he'll go: 'Well um there was that one time I went to the gym...'"

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Worms Fire Department. In the meantime, there are three lessons to be learned from the incident. One:

don't skip dick day https://t.co/zylYxB8VHz


Proof that man will stick their dicks in anything https://t.co/snnBvYJeqI

And three:

@fox32news @iHeart_youKeish So many questions

"Bitte solche Aktionen nicht nachmachen!" firefighters urge, which translates to "Please do not imitate such actions!"