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A Deadly Storm In Europe Has Produced 87 MPH Winds And The Scenes Are Apocalyptic

Extreme winds that have ripped through the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium are causing some serious and scary sights.

Posted on January 18, 2018, at 12:58 p.m. ET

A hurricane-force storm with wind speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour battered the Netherlands and parts of northwest Germany and Belgium on Thursday. Multiple storm-related deaths have already been reported.

Pierre Crom / Getty Images

Ground and air transportation services across cities in the Netherlands and Germany have been canceled, and tens of thousands of homes are without power.

Dozens of residents have reportedly been injured by flying debris and falling trees.

Photos from the deadly storm are emerging, showing toppled buses and homes that have lost entire sides.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

Live footage captured on the ground and shared online on Thursday is truly, truly terrifying.

Waanzinnig, complete daken worden weggerukt. #storm (via @paulschram)

People are having to hold onto grounded structures so that they aren't whisked away by the howling winds.

@MetMattTaylor @BBCBreakfast BREAKING VIDEO: A windstorm in the Netherlands with wind gusts of up to 140 km/h is cu…

Dutch citizens are capturing trucks teetering on the roads, and some completely toppling over.

Dit gebeurde op de gorcumse brug #Werkendam #storm

Large, structural objects are being dismantled by the wind and falling. Some are dangerously flying through the streets.

There she goes! #storm #codeRED #Netherlands

Shipping containers blown over in #Nederland this morning as a severe #windstorm counties to affect the country. Vi…

Dat een dixie verandert in een levensgevaarlijk projectiel #storm

Germans are being warned to stay indoors, and schools and flights have been canceled, the BBC reported.

Daar gaat weer wat handel omver 😥 #terminal #storm