This Dad Got Stranded At His Daughter's College Because Of The Houston Floods So He Went To Class With Her

He even got his very own syllabus.

Omete Anassi, 23, and his entire family are originally from Houston. He's now living in Los Angeles, and his parents have been in New York helping his sister settle in as she begins her graduate program at The New School.

Omete Anassi

Omete with dad Enock

Omete Anassi

Omete with sister Kerubo

Omete's parents' flight home coincided with Tropical Storm Harvey, so their return flight to Houston has been delayed indefinitely. However, his dad, Enock, has taken full advantage of his prolonged stay in New York with his daughter Kerubo.

Omete Anassi

As a professor himself, Enock was curious and decided to attend Kerubo's first college course with her.

Omete told BuzzFeed News his parents had planned to just to wait for Kerubo until she was done with her class on Tuesday, but Enock apparently followed his daughter straight into her classroom.

"Initially my sister thought it was funny, but then got very upset and embarrassed when the joke didn't end and my father didn't leave," Omete said. The dad then proudly texted the entire family a selfie of him sitting in on the college course.

Omete Anassi

Enock was even handed a syllabus along with the other students. He introduced himself to the entire class and would periodically quiz Kerubo on the information.

Omete Anassi

"I went, took a chair, surveyed around, and said hi to other students and sat down comfortably," Enock proudly told BuzzFeed News.

"Kerubo told me to get out," he said, "but the teacher said 'he can stay.' ... Then she said 'Welcome to my oral history class.'"

Omete said his sister was absolutely mortified. Their dad was even taking photos "audibly" throughout class, "never turning his phone on silent," he said.

Omete Anassi

Enock said he even assigned his daughter additional homework afterward.

Omete was cracking up while listening to his sister's misfortunes, so he shared it on Twitter, and it's now gone viral. One person chimed in saying she's experiencing the same thing since her mom's Houston flight was also massively delayed.

@ometeanassi LITERALLY SAME. My mom was supposed to leave but she can't. #StuckAtCMU

Most people just simply can't get over how adorably involved Enock was in class.

@ometeanassi He "has a syllabus". πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@ometeanassi Mans just tryna get that education

Others are feeling secondhand embarrassment for Kerubo.

@EtotheNev @ometeanassi @search4swag I LOVE THIS SO MUCH HAHAHAHAHAHA my dad would do something like this & then he…

"We tried to explain to my father that he went viral but he had no idea what that means," Omete said, laughing. Dad is just grateful he's been able to spend more time with his family, and that the hotel where he's staying has been accommodating to them during these unpredictable times.

Omete Anassi

And Kerubo β€” despite her day of humiliation β€” is grateful her parents are with her and safe.

Omete Anassi

Omete told BuzzFeed News his family's home in Houston was not flooded, fortunately. But other friends and family in the area have seen some serious damage.

Enock and his wife still do not have a return date, but they are enjoying themselves in NYC in the meantime. "The teacher loved me because I was very attentive, although taking pictures and the like," he said.



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