This Guy Gave An Unexpected Answer To A Makeup Question And Peoples’ Mouths Are Dropping

"I just deadass choked on my water."

"What's the best concealer?" a Twitter user curiously asked people on Tuesday, hoping to get recommendations for makeup that best covers up dark spots and blemishes.

The beauty community came through with a list of cosigned, go-to products.

@Comanda_x maybelline age rewind is rlly good and inexpensive

Tarte Shape Tape is a crowd favorite, apparently.

@Comanda_x tarte shape tape & la girls concealer are like the best

As are some Nars concealers (good to know, good to know).

@Comanda_x Nars radiant is amazing but runs out too quickly, try nars soft matte concealer. Orrr Becca aqua luminous

A lot of people helpfully shared the makes and models of their most trusted concealers.

@Comanda_x Wet N Wild photo focus, maybelline fit me, LA girl, & NYX has one called gotcha covered (it's in a tube) it covers EVERYTHING

And it looks like @Comanda_x will be trying a recommendation out for herself! (As will I, as will I.)

Majority of the replies to this said this tarte stuff is the best, lool let's see what all the fuss is about

But then user @filipeluisrl chimed in, and gave his best answer. What's the best concealer? "The government," he replied.

And — with a tweet that's gone massively viral — he made a lot of people do a literal spit-take.

@filipeluisrl @bottIedups I quite literally spit out my drink.

@filipeluisrl @Baddicey i just deadass choked on my water

Folks in the beauty community and beyond are — what's the most accurate term here? Ahh, shooketh. Quite shookeneth.

...But a lot of them see no lie.

@filipeluisrl @apaesthet1c no lie here

Twitter has gone from 0 to 60 in 3.5. From makeup brand reviews to being fully awoken.

Concealer will do that, you know.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to @filipeluisrl and said, "Interesting. Tell us more."

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