The Coachella Woman Caught Dumping Newborn Puppies In The Trash Is Going To Jail

In addition to her one-year sentence, Deborah Sue Culwell will be under seven years of probation, during which she'll be prohibited from owning any animals.

Deborah Sue Culwell, the 54-year-old woman who in April was caught on a security camera tossing seven 3-day-old puppies into a trash can in Coachella, California, pleaded guilty to all counts of animal cruelty on Wednesday.

A judge sentenced Culwell to 365 days in county jail, 90 of which will be under a work release, as well as seven years of formal probation upon her release.

During the probational period, she will also be prohibited from owning any animals, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office told BuzzFeed News.

Culwell was arrested earlier this year after police identified her as the woman captured on tape driving a white Jeep up to a dumpster behind an auto parts store and quickly chucking a plastic bag of puppies into it.

A man discovered them soon after and brought them into the store, where an employee was able to call animal services.

One of the seven puppies died several days later, Riverside County Animal Services told BuzzFeed News in late April.

Culwell was arrested at her home soon after officials reviewed the security tapes and identified her. Animal control then discovered dozens of dogs who appeared to not have been cared for properly in her house, which officers described as "in a state of despair."

They then impounded 38 dogs who had been living in her residence.

After she was transported to a jail in Indio, California, she was charged with seven felony counts of animal cruelty and seven misdemeanor charges of animal abandonment.

Culwell's attorney, Joseph Cavanaugh, told BuzzFeed News he has no comment at this time.

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