A Teen Asked His Prom Date If He Needed To Buy "A Croissant" And People Are Trolling

"He better buy you a croissant or I'll be mad."

High school seniors Sophia Martinez and Rocky Rentería are best friends from Mission, Texas, and are going to prom together this Saturday.

Martinez asked Rentería to prom this past Saturday. On Sunday, she got a text from him asking if he needed to buy her "a Croissant" — with a capital C.

Martinez said she was seriously confused. "I was like, um, what is he talking about?" she told BuzzFeed News.

Until she realized WTF her prom date was talking about. And reacted in a way that can only be summed up with this emoji: 😑.

"You mean corsage..." she responded.

And again she had to correct him — when he then asked if he needed to "buy [his] own croissant."

Feeling doubly 😑😑, Martinez felt like she had to share this online to properly shame her best friend. People came through with the deserved*, and hilarious, shaming.

*Issa joke

@SophieMartini hml for croissants on the low

Although, people advised Martinez she should probably just take the croissant.

@SophieMartini @alejandrapls He better buy you a croissant or I'll be mad.

Yes, Rentería has seen all the trolling, and to Martinez and everyone else, he said: "STFU." Jokingly, of course.

id want a croissant https://t.co/kfzrtfyDwh

His mistake also revealed that a lot of other prom-goers don't know — and don't care to know — the difference between a "croissant" and "corsage."

hunter called my corsage a croissant last year 😂 https://t.co/BqcL9yDGxn

Tristan didnt even know what a corsage was until I told him like 3 days ago and now he either calls it a croissant or says it wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️

Which is fine. Whatever! Just don't forget to also pick up the bootnear!!

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