This Absurd Forever 21 Choker Has People Hilariously Done With The Choker Trend

"Y'all taking this choker fad too far."

As you know, chokers have made a comeback in a large way, and at terrifyingly fast rate, in 2016.

Most people find the fashion revival to be cute and innocuous enough. However, the styling for a Forever 21 "Star Wars Baseball Jersey" has some people wondering if we should all take a step back on the trend altogether.

People are hilariously calling out this choker (that's no longer being sold — SAD) for being so extra.

Ok chokers are getting out of hand... Is this a neck brace?

(Like, literally extra, unnecessary fabric).

This choker trend has girls out here wearin neck braces

Is it me or is forever 21 going a little far???? Is this a choker?? I guess I don't understand current trends

And saying this is officially "too far."

LOL im dead. @Forever21 definitely taking the choker game too far

Ya'll taking this choker fad too far...shorty wearing a neck brace 😕

It joins other Forever 21 choker designs that have been called out and parodied recently.

Total Kim vibes in this denim choker 💣

@Forever21 dude i could just cut off the bottoms of my jeans than pay $40

Got a new choker from Forever 21 what do you all think

As we near the end of the year, let us seriously reflect on 2016. And what we bring into 2017.

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