This Guy Had A Photo Shoot For His Gardener After He Noticed Him Watching In The Background

"This how ready you gotta be when opportunity come knocking."

This is 26-year-old Tinotenda Nyandoro, a professional photographer based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Over the weekend, Nyandoro took some silly photos of his siblings in their backyard for fun. That's when he noticed Ranga Chitombo, their full-time gardener, in the background watching them.

These photos are of Nyandoro's younger brother.

Nyandoro wanted to note to BuzzFeed News that "domestic workers" are "very common in Zimbabwe."

"Many people have gardeners and maids who help out around the home on a day-to-day basis," he explained. "[Chitombo] lives with us and works five and a half days a week."

Nyandoro asked Chitombo to come over to join them. His younger brother gave Chitombo his sunglasses, and Chitombo struck a pose. Nyandora started snapping.

"He was a little tense in the first few ones [so] we told him to relax and have fun with it, and he just started smiling," Nyandoro said.

"As soon as I worked on them I sent them to him on his phone — HE LOVED THEM," Nyandoro said.

What Chitombo doesn't know yet, Nyandoro told BuzzFeed News, is these photos will be printed. Nyandoro plans on surprising him with copies, as well as sending some home for his family.

"It’s the least I could do to say thank you," he said. "He is a very happy, easy going person and I know this will mean a lot to him."

Nyandoro said he's a newer, self-taught photographer, so when he shared the images of Chitombo online, he was not prepared for the responses he'd get. His photos have gone hugely viral.

I saw our gardener creeping in the back so I asked if he wanted to join us. Of course he said yes. 😎🔥

Many people are commenting on Chitombo's contagious smile and spirit.

@morahhhh @TinoNyandoro I actually did. His smile is so bright and beautiful! Shined straight into my heart and gave me a smile, too!

Nyandoro said it was that "raw/pure emotion" that inspired him to share the photos in the first place.

@TinoNyandoro Love your Gardner's smile

Folks are also laughing at how naturally Chitombo embodied his role as a model.

This how ready you gotta be when opportunity come knocking

@TinoNyandoro buddy ass was flexing 😂

"I just love sharing my pictures in the hope that they make people feel the same way I did taking them," Nyandoro added.

why do i love this so much

"I’m glad that it happened with these images."

The gardener's smile > It legit made me happy


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