People Are In Love With A Guy Who Fed His Girlfriend Chicken Nuggets While She Got Her Nails Done

"What guy will go to a nail salon with a girl, let alone feed her food while there?!"

Lea Adame, a 19-year-old from Orange County, was getting her nails done at a local salon last week when she overheard a "cute" conversation. She looked up and saw an adorable scene.

Adame realized that the manicurist next to her was meeting her son's new girlfriend for the first time, while she did the girlfriend's nails. On top of that, the boyfriend was feeding his new girlfriend chicken nuggets while she was getting her manicure from his mom. Adame told BuzzFeed News she was impressed by the gesture and took a photo.

Adame said she was compelled to share this endearing and impressive gesture on Twitter, where it's gone viral. "I thought it was adorable," she added.

a guy at the salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done that's the kind of love & support i need

@leaadame / Twitter / Via Twitter: @leaadame

And so many people just recalibrated their standards for relationships.


@taniamariee_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @taniamariee_

What do you look for in a guy ? Me -

@MadisonLouch / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MadisonLouch

Even simply new standards for getting a manicure.

Who tryna feed me chicken nuggets while I get my nails did??

@rjo4_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @rjo4_

While most appreciated Adame for appreciating the couple's moment...

@leaadame bless u for admiring them and not being hateful of others happiness

@SharonAileen_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SharonAileen_

Others, well, weren't as impressed. And thought this was a tad too much.

@emy_gallagher / Twitter / Via Twitter: @emy_gallagher

modern day relationship goals r so cringy

@tylarfugate3 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @tylarfugate3

The receptionist at the Orange County salon confirmed the encounter.

She told BuzzFeed News the manicurist's name is Molly, and that she was indeed meeting her son's girlfriend for the first time.

She laughed when she heard they've become somewhat lauded and known on social media. She said Molly is currently busy, but that she will make sure she and her son know about their new fame.

BuzzFeed News will update the post if we hear back from Molly and her son.

Here are Adame and Yip's completed manicures 💅

UPDATE: The couple, 23-year-old Aubrey Yip and 25-year-old Sam Huynh, has been identified. And they think their moment of viral fame has been "absolutely fun," Yip told BuzzFeed News.

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