People Are So Obsessed With The Song "Closer" It's Become A Ridiculous New Meme

*Chainsmokers comes on* Friend: Please don't.

In case you haven't heard, DJ duo the Chainsmokers and singer Halsey have released a very, very, very, very catchy song called "Closer." The song has sparked a lot of ~debate~ online.

You see, the song, which has topped buku charts, is played so frequently people either despise it...

...or completely lose their shit.

There are only two camps. Which means if one friend is completely obsessed, and the other completely done, this happens.

*chainsmokers comes on* Friend 1: please don't Friend 2: oh no, here it comes

People are doing the most to this song and it's become a new ~meme~.

*closer by the chainsmokers comes on* friend 1: please don't friend 2: here she goes

The meme usually involves a friend advising someone "please don't" when the song comes on...

*chainsmokers comes on* me: please dont tori:

...but it's too late.

Closer by The Chainsmokers comes on Friend 1: you better not Friend 2: please no Me: --

The synthy beat has taken over, infecting everyone in its path.

What actually happens when *Chainsmokers comes on*

Every girl when Closer by the Chainsmokers comes on.

When the beat of Closer by the Chainsmokers drops ...

So, ponder: In your friend circle, when "Closer" comes on...

Literally ME whenever Closer by The Chainsmokers comes on in public😂

Which one are you?

When "Closer" by Chainsmokers comes on hahahaha this is so cute 😻😹

I'm the little girl, no shame.

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