This Teen's Grandparents Wait Outside Her Bus Route Every Morning To Wave To Her On Her Way To Work

The fraction-of-a-second gesture has tears welling up in people's eyes.

This is 17-year-old Rio Smith from Methil in Scotland. She recently landed her first "proper job," and no one was more excited for her than her grandparents.

Smith takes the same bus to work every morning. The route happens to pass through her grandparents' neighborhood.

So, her grandparents have taken it upon themselves to wait outside their house every morning around the same time.

They try to catch a glimpse of their granddaughter on her bus, and give her a wave hello.

"My grandparents have been doing it since day one... and it makes me smile every morning," she said.

On Thursday, she decided to film it, and share it online. It was her grandpa this time waiting and waving at her bus.

Every morning my Gran or Grandad stand outside and wave to me when am on the bus to work😭💔

"The reason I took the video is that I want to always have it on my phone to keep," she said.

Did you catch it? You can see her grandpa waving from his yard in between houses as her bus whizzes by.

Even though her video is a literal fraction of a second, it's gone viral. And it's made a lot of people emotional.

I'm not crying, you're crying...

@Riosmithh This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in my life 😭 grandparents are so so precious ❤️

For many, it's brought back sweet and sentimental memories of the ritual of being sent off to school and waving goodbye.

@Riosmithh @HBAF1976 Each morning my mum waved when I was a bairn going to school. I walked. I stopped. I waved. I…

My dad used to do that :'(

It's made others sentimental about their grandparents. They told Smith to "cherish" them and their memories together.

@Riosmithh Love it if my nan and grandad were still about to wave me off 😩 cherish them moments mate 👌🏻bless em

Smith told BuzzFeed News that same day her grandparents picked her up from work, so she told them about the video "going viral" and all of the sweet and thoughtful comments they received.

@Riosmithh I've never wanted to hug two people i don't know more than i do right now

grandparents are the biggest gift we will ever receive

Smith said her grandparents are delighted by this, and would like to add that their new morning routine is their pleasure.

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