People Are Dying Over This Cat's Face After He Was Caught Stealing A Cinnamon Bun

And Percy has ZERO remorse for it.

Meet 19-year-old Sophia Lindner from Ardmore, Philadelphia, and her family's cat, Percy. The Lindners have had Percy for six years now, and for six years, Percy's been up to no good.

However, on Christmas every year, it's become tradition to make cinnamon rolls in the morning, so Lindner specifically and firmly warned Percy to not try anything. She said their cat understands the word "no" very clearly now.

Of course, Percy reached for a cinnamon bun anyway. But Lindner caught her cat at the exact moment he realized he was busted. She shared it on Twitter, where the single moment has gone hugely viral.

merry Christmas here's my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no

And it's because Percy looks guilty AF.

And for cat owners, that face is all too familiar. "To a cat 'no' equals 'wait 'til they're not looking then do what I want," someone commented.

@_sophocles_ To a cat "no" = "wait till they're not looking then do what I want"

@_sophocles_ lol at “told him no”

@_sophocles_ Busted, but zero remorse. Will totally do it again. :-)

@_sophocles_ Busted, but zero remorse. Will totally do it again. :-)

It's inspired other people to share their own cats' moments when "no" meant nothing.

@_sophocles_ @Ma_Mick_ here's mine stealing wheat grass.

Lindner said she wasn't even able to reprimand Percy for it 'cause he took off immediately after committing his crime.

But she does think cat owners appreciated her candid photo because it's often difficult to get "clear proof" of a cat's guilt.

Lindner explained that people who have cats "go through this, and more, with their cats every day," but "it's hard to get such clear proof of their mischief."

"They're so sneaky," she added.

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