A Mom Had To Call AAA For A Guy From AAA Because He Locked His Car Trying To Unlock Her Car

"I joked with the [AAA] guy and told him not to worry because I was a AAA member so I could call AAA for him."

This is 22-year-old Joey and 21-year-old Alex. They're roommates at UC Davis, but recently went over to Alex's mom's home for dinner in Folsom, California.

Joey / Alex

When they showed up, Alex's mom, Christy, was unloading her groceries from her car. She accidentally locked her keys inside. They were all locked out, so Christy called AAA.

Christy / Alex

Christy suspects her keys fell out of her pocket as she hit the lock button on her car. After she shut the car door, she realized her keys were sitting on the floor of the car.

But when the AAA employee pulled into Christy's driveway, and got out to have her sign a form, his car door slammed closed behind him. "The van was locked and still running!" Christy told BuzzFeed News, laughing.

"At first I laughed a bit, and then I joked with the guy and told him not to worry because I was a AAA member so I could call AAA for him, but he didn't think it was very funny," Christy said.

Christy said the AAA guy asked to borrow her phone to call AAA. He also, apparently, asked her for the number for AAA. "I told him, 'it's right there on the side of your car,'" she said.


They were apparently told that it'd take 30 minutes to get another AAA person out there, but Christy said no one showed up. So she offered to call again for him.

And after another 40 minutes, the second AAA employee finally showed up.

She said the whole ordeal took about two hours. But AAA Guy #2 was able to laugh at how ridiculous it was.

AAA Guy #1, however, did not have time to play games that day. "At one point Guy #1 was getting impatient and asked if he could use some of my tools, and then went into the garage and grabbed a hammer and a metal hook to try to break into his AAA van," Christy recalled.


Joey, Alex, and Christy were able to successfully have dinner that night — thank you, AAA Guy #2.

When BuzzFeed News reached out to the Folsom, California AAA location for comment, the local AAA employee said he did not hear about this incident at work, but thought it was "so funny."

It remains unclear if AAA Guy #1 ever found it funny.



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