Boyfriends Are Apparently Donating Their Clothes To Curb Girlfriend Hoodie Theft

"Now I don't have to steal things from him!" one girlfriend said. But boyfriends beware, BuzzFeed News has debunked such claims.

Partners stealing other partners' clothing — particularly oversized, snuggly hoodies with remnants of their perfume/cologne scent — has been a longstanding problem plaguing our nation. In September, men organized together online and fought back.

Ladies, we've had enough. You can't just take our hoodies this year without giving them back. This year we are figh…

#TakeHerHoodie was a chance for boyfriends to seek revenge and steal their partner's clothes this time.

Last year, the man who inspired the trending hashtag, Godswill Muofhe, told BuzzFeed News that the idea was born after "a girl took my hoodie and never gave it back, so I said, ‘It’s time to fight back.'"

Unfortunately, it seems this effort has not significantly curtailed the problem. Ramoni Overton, 19, and her boyfriend, Desmond Young, 18, have been dealing with this very issue in their otherwise perfectly solid relationship.

Over the weekend, Young gave Overton a bag of hoodies, sweatpants, and other comfy clothes he no longer wore.

My boyfriend gave me a bag of his clothes that he doesn't wear anymore. Now I don't have to steal things from him😇

Overton said the bag of clothes were intentioned to specifically "stop me from taking the current ones — he knew I'd be happy with whatever."

Her tweet about her boyfriend's donation has gained a lot of attention online, with most people pretty inspired by it.

This would make me the happiest girl on earth you don't even know

This is smart. I like dis idea.

But there were a handful of people who voiced their concerns over the fact that the donated clothes will no longer hold the unique scent of their significant others.

@iran_iit @xo_ramoni Steal his Cologne too girl you know you want to

And to that, someone else offered this advice: "Steal his cologne too, girl, you know you want to."

Overton said boyfriend clothing donations are a trend are becoming more common among her friend circles. Bydneyy Raggs, a 19-year-old from Texas, chimed in to say that her boyfriend also had the idea to do this months prior.

@xo_ramoni mine did the same thing a few months ago 😭

Raggs told BuzzFeed News her boyfriend "got fed up" after she'd habitually take his clothes, so he donated a bin of some of her favorite items. He then went out and bought new clothes.

While this appears to be a thoughtful and creative solution to an ever-growing problem, there are still gaping cracks.

If all men did this, life would be so much easier 😩🙌🏾

When asked if they will now officially stop taking their partner's hoodies, both Overton and Raggs responded with a resounding "nope."

"I'm always gonna steal his clothes," Overton concluded.

"Of course I'll never stop stealing his clothes!," Raggs added.

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