People Are Losing It After This Student Publicly Roasted His College With Two Words

"This man is legendary."

This is 21-year-old James Onuigbo, who's currently a senior at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.

Every April, the college hosts "Springfest," a weeklong series of events that includes a special comedy show. Usually the school will book a high-profile performer, like Seth Meyers, but this year Onuigbo thought he would shoot his shot with the school and offer to do it for free.

Hey @BridgeStateU don't spend money on a stand up comedian for Springfest this year I'll do it #VerySerious

"Don't spend money on a stand-up comedian for Springfest this year," he tweeted at the school on Tuesday, "I'll do it."

Less than 10 minutes later, he actually got a response from the school. "Okay, tell me a joke," they said.

Onuigbo instantly responded with his best joke: "Financial Aid."

Financial Aid.

And people — a lot of whom don't even know Onuigbo — lost it.

@Jay_Fresco yoo I'm crying 😭

He was dubbed a "legend" for that burn.

And the greatest of all time.

He really the GOAT.

Another student chimed in and said he's never gone to a Springfest comedy show, but if the school actually booked Onuigbo, "I'd be front row."

@BridgeStateU @Jay_Fresco I'm a junior and haven't been to either comedy show my first two years, but if you hired…

In a fantastic twist, Onuigbo told BuzzFeed News the school's Twitter account direct messaged him later to compliment him on the public diss. Charlie, the person who runs their social account, wrote that having him perform may be a real "possibility."

Onuigbo said he is serious about the comedy gig — and about pursuing comedy in the future. "Everyone at my college knows me to be a class clown," he said.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Bridgewater State University for updates on this, and to nudge them forward.

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