People Are Hilariously Captioning a Photo Of Blue Ivy On Her Balcony And It's All True

"Look at those peasants. Having to save money and be on a budget."

The Knowles-Carters spent the weekend in New Orleans, attending the NBA All-Star game, celebrating Mardi Gras festivities, and just generously gracing us with their presence.

So when the leader of the royal pack, Blue Ivy, stepped out onto their opulent balcony in the French Quarter, we resumed our positions.

Twitter user @AyeQueLo hilariously captioned a pap photo of Blue accidentally looking disgusted while gazing down to the street below, "Just look at em, all poor and regular."

Their tweet has been retweeted over 26,000 times already.

People started to hilariously imagine dialogue from Blue about the rest of us plebeians.

@AyeQueLo "Mother! Father! The rabble outside has become ever more restless. Shall we go?"

They're all so true. 💀 "Y'all really poor AF, you disgust me."

"Fighting over crumbs and pennies like hooligans."

"Your hair is look dusty." GATHER YOURSELVES, Blue said.

@AyeQueLo "Your hair is look dusty"

"Look at those peasants. Having to save money and be on a budget."

" look at those peasants. Having to save money and be on a budget "

"I bet their bidets don't even have hot water."

"I bet their Bidets don't even have hot water"

Blue knows your MCM is broke.

"Lol broke boyz"

Video footage from commoners even confirmed this. Blue Ivy said "who are these mofos" to a crowd of screaming fans before going back inside.

#BlueIvy was unimpressed 😩😂 #AccessDenied

"Not today," someone captioned.

😩😂 "Not today." -#BlueIvy (*probably)

And us regulars aren't even mad about it all — Blue Ivy is above us, and it all, and it's just facts.

@AyeQueLo lol but them's the facts! I wouldn't even be offended

LMMFAOOOOOOOOO damn son, she's talking abt me too

@AyeQueLo me in a lyft passing a bus @JustChillMaya

She 👏 came 👏 dressed 👏 in an 👏 $1,800 Gucci dress 👏 and still 👏 looked 👏 like 👏 any 👏 other 👏 kid.

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