Trump Supporters Are Calling Anti-Trump People “Bigots" For Calling Trump A “Bigot"

It's sparked a debate online.

On Thursday, the New York Times published an op-ed titled "America Elects a Bigot" that's incited a lot of opinions online, mostly about the word "bigot."

People reacted strongly to the headline and statement. "America Elects a Bigot" became a national trending topic, with some applauding the writer for taking a bold stance.

.@CharlesMBlow nails it. America Elects a Bigot

America Elects a Bigot I do not respect this president-elect. Count me among the resistance.

And others, mostly Trump supporters, pulling up the definition of "bigotry" and trying to point the finger back at the accusers.

America elects a bigot? These fools don't even know the definition. Faux outrage. 🙄 #TrumpProtest

"America Elects a Bigot"...say the people who can't comprehend or tolerate people thinking & voting differently to them.

What's so funny is the @nytimes just called millions of Americans bigots when they themselves are the intolerant. America Elects a Bigot

They're claiming anti-Trump sentiments are hypocritical because they are "intolerant towards those who hold different opinions" than them.

These Hillary supporters don't even know the definition of bigotry - 'intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.'

Funny how all of the people calling Trump a bigot are now acting in the exact definition of the word. So hypocritical and bigotry? Nice

But some people pointed out the different contexts under which intolerance and "bigotry" operate.

@SabrinaLianne The KKK thinks differently than me. I don't believe we should tolerate it.

And citing examples for why anti-Trump protesters are using the word to describe him.

@TrumpNation22 Reading is hard when you're a Trump supporter:

It's sparking back-and-forth online debates.

@CloydRivers Plot Twist: No it's not.

@tcarp23 @CloydRivers it's not intolerance. Calling somebody racist isn't being intolerant, it's stating a fact.

@xOmniarch @tcarp23 @CloydRivers it's not a fact when it isn't true. Donald trump is NOT a racist.

@taitshaltz @tcarp23 @CloydRivers so quick to forget that all Mexicans are rapists 🤔

So... let's take a tea break and pick this back up in 5?

Thought the trending topic "America Elects a Bigot" was "America Eats a Bagel" and for a second I believed we could get through this.

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