Whatever Happens In 2019, At Least We Have This New Yorker Squirrel Chomping Down On An Egg Roll

Pizza Rat has been dethroned.

Welcome to only the third day of 2019. You clicked, and you're here because you want to stay engaged and informed. You're keeping tabs on the latest on the government shutdown; you're concerned about Apple's declining business and trade war with China; you're perpetually disquieted by climate change.

As they say, democracy is not a spectator sport, and you are an au courant citizen of the world.

But we challenge you to suspend all of this information and anxiety for one moment — and look at this chonky squirrel caught eating an egg roll in a tree somewhere in New York City.

The video was first shared by the account @whatisNY, and it does not appear to be this squirrel's first egg roll.

Doesn’t look like this squirrels first egg roll #whatisnewyork

New Yorkers are delighted to find and bear true allegiance to their new queen.

I still love Pizza Rat, but I’m 100% on board with Egg Roll Squirrel https://t.co/QrjF3Uu6it

Unfortunately this means they must bid farewell to Pizza Rat.

Pizza rat is so 2018 https://t.co/A98eUSCZHL

And, as one user has already pointed out, in New York, "if a squirrel finds his egg roll ... spring will arrive early." Great news!

NYC rule: If a squirrel finds his egg roll and sees his shadow, spring will arrive early. https://t.co/34Q8qat4uw

And yes — this is as delightful as this year will get, so savor it.

Just saw a squirrel in a tree eating an egg roll on the local news. Was immediately depressed because I knew that was as good as 2019 could get. It is all downhill from here

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