This Guy Is Showing How Far He'll Go For A Photo, And People Are Stunned By The Result

"This picture made me stop cold while scrolling through Twitter. Striking. Beautiful. Haunting."

This is 27-year-old Justin Hardiman from Mississippi. He's working on becoming a full-time professional photographer, but in the meantime he freelances and leads a photo-editing class.

Hardiman told BuzzFeed News that it's pretty common for him to find himself in awkward or even risky positions to get the perfect shot.

In a recent shoot, he and a small team of people drove around Vicksburg, Mississippi, all day trying to find the best location to shoot, but they were coming up short — and the sun was quickly coming down.

Then, Hardiman came across a field in the small town that had vines covering its hills. He asked the model to stand among them, as he started to climb on to the roof of an old, abandoned building nearby.

But thanks to that moment on the roof (pictured above) Hardiman was able to capture this stunning shot.

A tweet from Hardiman sharing his creative process has since gone viral.

I think hopping on the roof of this building was worth the cut on my leg and hand lol

"I never expected this tweet to go this crazy," he said. "I always show stuff I'm doing and the only people who respond to it are people who follow me. But this blew up."

And folks are STUNNED.

@Kail_SOVL @carly_burks This is beautiful! Great work

@Kail_SOVL This picture made me stop cold while scrolling through Twitter. Striking. Beautiful. Haunting. Totally worth it.

Some people loved the photo so much they set it as their phone background.

@Kail_SOVL i hope you don't mind ❤️

@Kail_SOVL deadass just made it my lock screen👏🏽👏🏽

Although others quickly advised those who love the photo, printed, to purchase it from the photographer.

@6a6v6a @Kail_SOVL @ayamasikane You must not be an artist of any sort or you'd understand that's taking potential i…

Hardiman said he hopes the picture helps people to see their own environments from fresh perspectives. "This might show people to appreciate things around them — maybe in their own backyard," he said.

@llerretallure @Kail_SOVL Her skin. The white. The forestry. Shooketh.

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