People Everywhere Have Stopped Life to Watch The Comey Hearings

"Watching Comey Testimony as we walk the streets of London."

It's Thursday, June 8, 2017, which will forever be known in history as the day former FBI Director James Comey testified about President Trump in the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the US election.

And if real life and social media life are any indication, this day and this moment have completely captivated the nation.

People suspended their normal lives and routines to witness the televised event. Those at home stayed ready.

KIDS: Where were you when the Comey hearing happened? ME: Well...

And those at work creatively pulled up multiple screens and tabs to watch.

While other workplaces turned on their televisions and allowed their employees to watch openly.

One of those days at work today lol. Everyone literally grabbing popcorn in the kitchen lol. #Comey #MSNBC

Some tried multi-tasking, while others put work on hold completely. They're totally transfixed.

All glued to the screen while watching #ComeyHearing #JamesComey #ComeyDay

Those elsewhere (in the world) or in transit were watching on their phones.

#HoyasInUK watching #ComeyTestimony as we walk the streets of London. Being in the UK won't stop us from staying up…

Friends and co-workers tossed out any plans so they could watch together.

Some students were sneakily watching in class...

I've officially reached maximum adulthood. Watching CNN in class.... were their teachers.

When you have a class to teach, but the Comey testimony is much anticipated. Came an hour early. 😝 #NewsIsLife #UAB…

Those in politics (who aren't actually in the Senate building right now) were trying to multi-task.

Some House lawmakers are watching the #Comey hearing while they wait to gavel in @WAFB #lalege

Bars in Washington, DC even opened early Thursday morning to host viewers.

And some looked packed.

Standing room only at the Union Pub near Capitol Hill as hundreds across the city dodge work for #Comey testimony

BuzzFeed News reporter Lissandra Villa was watching at a bar in DC and was told there were more than 148 people at the venue (at 11 a.m. ET).

A woman who has worked here a few years says this is one of the fullest she has seen it. I'm told 148 are in buildi…

Several bars in the New York City area were also hosting special viewing parties.

Currently at a Comey viewing party in NYC. Follow @nbcnews on Instagram to see how people are watching the testimon…

And photos show large crowds in "dead silen[ce]," completely captivated.

PHOTO: Right now at a Brooklyn bar, those in attendance are dead silent, watching #Comey testify. #ComeyDay

At a bar in San Francisco, about 25 people gathered early Thursday morning to watch the testimony — about double the attendance of a normal Thursday, the bar's co-owner told BuzzFeed News reporter Ryan Mac.

Apparently, people who were at the gym during the testimony chose to work out to it.

Watching this comey trial at the gym

watching the comey testimony at the gym like a responsible citizen

"Pretty much everyone doing cardio at the gym is watching the Comey testimony on their TVs."

Pretty much everyone doing cardio at the gym is watching the Comey testimony on their TVs.

A group of people in LA even held a watch party while doing yoga.

COMEY YOGA at the Comey watch party in L.A.

And, of course, accompanying everyone's viewing experience, there was a lot of popcorn.

I came to work with popcorn for the Comey hearing & this is how I'm abt to be while watching...

Roommate eating popcorn watching #ComeyDay

And CUPCAKES, for one citizen.

Here wishing everyone a happy Comey Day! #ComeyDay #ComeyStatement #BayAreaBakes #BisizCupcakesnSweets…

"Everyone is watching #ComeyTestimony."

Everyone is watching #ComeyTestimony at #SenateIntelHearing


So, where were you?

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