This Is The New "Lollipop Lipstick" Trend And Yeah It's Gonna Be A No From Me, Dawg

"Do ur makeup like you've just hardcore made out with a vacuum cleaner."

MAC Cosmetics has been giving a spotlight to a new look appearing on models on the latest fashion runways. It's an experimental makeup trend the company is calling "lollipop lips."

The intentional lipstick smudging on the outside of the lips is supposed to simulate the effect of sucking on a lollipop. And then, rubbing it around your mouth?

Anyway, this is what it looks like as part of an entire look.

Even though it seems, at this point, as though it's merely an edgy look fashion shows are trying their hands at, people are reacting strongly to it. And it's a resounding no.

I'm not diggin the "lollipop lips" trend

Plz don't let "lollipop lips" EVER be a thing

It's reminding people of either a bad makeup application, or just a really bad rash.

And they've already given it alternative names. Like, a "Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong."

@girlposts Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong 😪😪

Or "me in third grade when I would lick around my lips so much and my skin would be so dry it would turn red."

Their lips look like me in 3rd grade when I would lick around my lips so much and my skin would be so dry it would…

"Chronic eczema."

Mac tryna have us out here lookin like we got chronic eczema

"A gnarly mouth infection or she just gave head."

literally looks like a gnarly mouth infection or she just gave head pls tell me this isnt a trending look lol

"When I fall asleep wearing Color Pop and wake up looking like this."

When I fall asleep wearing color pop & wake up looking like this....@torijeffersss

Or a "heated makeout session with a vacuum cleaner."

@girlposts Why would anyone want to look like they'd had a particularly heated makeout session with a vacuum cleaner?

People are pointing out, however, that if this is the look for you, it's pretty easy to achieve.

Put some cheap lipstick on and make out with ya man. BOOM lollipop lips😇

Go ahead: Try it yourself?

How to do lollipop lips.. easy steps. Wear a lipstick. Find your husband. Kiss him..

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