All Of Your Presidential Alert Jokes Were Great. Good Job, Everyone.

"Congrats to Tiffany Trump, who just received her first ever text from her dad!"

On Wednesday, at 2:18 p.m. ET, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission tested their first presidential alert by sending this message to the phones of all Americans.

The alert is intended to allow the president to address the country in the event of a national emergency. The agency said more than 100 carriers in the US opted into the test.

The message read: "THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed."

Even though it was just a test of the system, many people took action. To Twitter. To react.

*get presidential alert* *throws phone at wall*

just got an alert that the president's loose. everyone stay safe

And make jokes. Lots and lots of jokes!

Thanks but I've been on Presidential Emergency Alert since January 20th, 2017.

All of your jokes were very inspired and spirited.

SUNFLOWER ALERT: This is a sunflower. No other action is needed.

Good job. Every one of them made me laugh — if not a chortle or a "heh."

Ya wcw just tweeted “ what alert?” She currently been on WiFi for 2 years now with no service

Here's a running list of them so we can all feel united and collectively proud of ourselves.

Guys..... he's so random #PresidentialAlert

just got the weirdest text... #PresidentialAlert

I just got this text does anyone know what it means #presidentialalert

Anyone else get the same presidential alert or

congrats to tiffany trump, who just received her first ever text from her dad!

If I wanted my phone to scream messages from the president I would look at Twitter

That presidential text is like getting an Amber Alert from the guy who did it

I put my phone on the ground and sprinkled a salt circle around it. I still got the presidential alert.

at 2:30 trump's gonna send everyone a new u2 album

“I sent you a presidential alert, why won’t you respond?”

Trump a fool if he think he not finna get left on read

Yall think Kelly Rowland got Trump alert?

on october 3rd president trump texted to ask me what day it was

when the first text you've gotten in days comes from Trump

I can tell that the President didn’t write this alert. There are no spelling mistakes and the grammar is perfect. #PresidentialAlert

screenshot of presidential alert with snarky caption

[funny tweet about the Trump text message]

Even you, pizza.

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