People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Apple's New Cordless Headphones

"Apple gotta get rid of our ears next."

Apple has just unveiled the newest iteration of its headphones: a cord-free set of EarPods it's calling "AirPods."

This is Apple's demonstration of how it works/how you'll look:

Sure, some people were totally impressed by their sleek, ~ergonomic~ design...

...but that very quickly descended into all the jokes.

Eventually, everyone came to the same conclusion: If we're already losing our with-wire headphones, this is just setting us up to fail, Apple.

(Oh yes, and the cost of not only purchasing AirPods but inevitably replacing them.)

(*Does mental math, brain gets as tangled as headphones*)

But one thing's for sure: It's the end of the cord/jack era, and the start of the "left AirPods for sale only" era.

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