A Woman Re-Created The Iconic Nicole Kidman Divorce Look To Celebrate Her Own Divorce Being Finalized

Liz Maupin said the 2001 photo of Kidman represented "relief and freedom."

Liz Maupin, a producer in Los Angeles, threw herself a divorce party over the weekend. During the party, she dressed up like Nicole Kidman in the now-iconic paparazzi photo taken after the star got divorced from Tom Cruise in 2001.

Maupin told BuzzFeed News she'd even had the top custom-made. Her fun moment has now gone viral on Twitter.

Maupin, 34, separated from her ex three years ago, but their divorce was only granted recently.

"I wanted to celebrate the finality of it and starting a new chapter in my life," she said. "I love that photo of Nicole so much. I think it says so much about relief and freedom."

She surprised her guests at her divorce party by changing into the outfit halfway through the event and emerging arms wide open and exultant, just like Kidman did. "Everyone cheered; it was so nice," she added.

(Fun fact: Not too long ago, on Aug. 8, was the official anniversary of Kidman and Cruise's divorce.)

On this day in 2001, Nicole Kidman’s divorce from Tom Cruise was finalized!

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Maupin said that while it was "super difficult" to leave an "unhealthy" marriage, she knew it was the right decision — and one that led her back to herself.

"I think there’s still stigma around divorce, which is so unnecessary, and I wanted to really have a positive experience at the end of it all and just celebrate being me again, without a tether to another person, and starting over," she said. "Nicole’s outfit definitely helped remind me of my newfound freedom."

She also wants to assure anyone going through the stress and bureaucracies of legally ending a marriage that it's "more than OK to celebrate" it.

"It was absolutely empowering and so fun," said Maupin. "I chose to make the party no-boys-allowed. We had an absolute blast. I highly recommend having a divorce party if you find yourself divorced someday."

Online, strangers shared that they could feel her triumph and celebrated her divorce with her.

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