People Are Ragging On Student Athletes And, Sorry, The Jokes Are Straight-Up Hilarious

"Can you hand me the salt?" "Nothing gets handed to me I work for everything I got but we ain't done yet."

On, the website, people have recently been ragging on "student athletes" and — sorry to actual student athletes — but all the jokes are funny AF.

me: hey student athlete: We Gotta Have 4.0 GPAs and We Practice Every Day 💯 That's Grind 💯 That's Hustle 💯 You Ain't Shit To Me 💯

me: hi student athlete: i was born with glass bones & paper skin every morning i break my legs every afternoon i break my arms

The prompt is pretty simple. They're hilariously imagining everyday conversations for extremely self-motived and amped-up folks.

dentist: you need to stop grinding your teeth student athlete: Stop Grinding?😂 The Grind Never Stops💯 No Breaks😈 We Stay Dream Chasing💪

me: have a good break student athlete: I don't get a break ✊ I'll be out here grinding 😈 Imma be chasing dreams while you're lounging 💯

And, like, if those folks spoke in real life like they do in their Instagram captions.

girlfriend: I think we should take a break student athlete: Break?😂 your hate😡 is my motivation👏🏼💯the only☝🏽thing i break✊🏽is records🏆🥇

"Welcome to Chase bank." "Chase? The only thing I'm chasing is my dreams, keep grinding, RIP grandma, Romans 8:1."

banker: welcome to Chase bank student athlete: Chase?😂 the only thing i'm chasing🏃🏽😈is my dreams💭✊🏽keep grinding 💯RIP grandma👵🏼Romans 8:1🙏🏼

"Hi sorry for the wait we're super busy." "Busy? you don't know what busy is fam, I won't ever stop my grind."

waitress: hi sorry for the wait we're super busy student athlete: busy?😂 you don't know🤔 what busy is 🏃🏽fam👐🏻 i won't🙅🏻ever stop my grind💯

Complete with all of the accentuating emojis.

cashier: did you find everything okay? student athlete: i found a path🚀 to greatness🏅but the grind never quits😤💪🏼 i will NEVER quit💯🔥😈

But don't feel too bad for "student athletes" who are getting a light dragging right now: While the rest of us are chuckling...

me: can you hand me the salt? student athlete: nothing gets handed to me 🙄🙅🏻‍♂️ I work for everything I got ‼️but we ain't done yet 💯😈👀

They stay winning.

iPhone: Low battery. 5% remaining Student athlete: How is it at 5%🤔🙄 when I give nothing less than 💯 percent💪🏼⚡️#D1BOUND 🥇Proverbs 3:5🙏🏼🔙🔛🔝


murderer: any last words? Student athlete: u can kill my ambition💯😈🙏🏻 i will never stop grinding🙏🏻even when im dead sleep is for the weak😴💯

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