People Are Challenging Themselves To "Say Anything Non-Political" And It Is Tough

" like.......stuff?"

On Wednesday, at the height of Ivanka vs. Nordstrom, Warren vs. McConnell, and Donald vs. his own tweet kerfuffles, people seemed like they wanted a momentary break from politics.

So, the #SayAnythingNonPolitical hashtag was born. As you've probably deduced, the hashtag challenges folks to talk about literally anything, as long as it's not political.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical I'm 51 years old, but tell people I'm 70. I USUALLY get you look great for your age!!

Things were cute at first — and much, much needed. There were lots of animal pictures shared.

We bought a cat for our dog #bestbuds #SayAnythingNonPolitical

The San Diego Zoo even jumped in!

#SayAnythingNonPolitical Sloths are cute. 😉

"I think we may have quite possibly taken Hall & Oates for granted." Agreed, and non-political. Congrats.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical As I look back, I think we may have quite possibly taken Hall & Oats for granted...

"I love food. Also strong agree. Food crosses party lines! Everyone likes food!

#SayAnythingNonPolitical I love food.

The Walking Dead will be back on Sunday, let's not forget!

Guys walking dead is back Sunday #SayAnythingNonPolitical

People seemed to appreciate the challenge to take their minds off of politics for a second.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical I love this tag.

But just as quickly, and simultaneously, others were really struggling with it.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical I've forgotten how...

#SayAnythingNonPolitical like......."Stuff?"

#SayAnythingNonPolitical "Anything Non-Political"

Some people got smart with it.

I'm on my way to Nordstrom's to go shopping #SayAnythingNonPolitical

#SayAnythingNonPolitical I just McCain't.

I love stuffed animals 😜#SayAnythingNonPolitical

While others — Republicans, Democrats, Trump supporters or not — could not not tweet anything politically charged. In fact, people are being unapologetically blatant about it.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical I LOVE MY PRESIDENT @realDonaldTrump #wednesdaywisdom Intel CEO

Don't Look At This Meme. #SayAnythingNonPolitical


This tag was orchestrated by the fascist Trump administration to control our speech. Never forget Bowling Green. #SayAnythingNonPolitical

Well, we tried.

No one cares how many pecks of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked because he was an undocumented worker. #SayAnythingNonPolitical

Apparently, there are only a few subjects that don't devolve into political territory.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical Fitted sheets are hard to fold.

#SayAnythingNonPolitical Why have chocolate bars shrunk

Sushi is garbage and I'm convinced many people just pretend to like it. #SayAnythingNonPolitical

But at least this might serve as somewhat of a list of "non-political" talking points at your next family holiday gathering?

Me to Family: "Hey, my tweet got Points!" Family: "Hmm". #SayAnythingNonPolitical

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