People Are Loving This Teacher's List Of Ways Students Can Deal With Stress

"Pet a friendly dog/cat"

Alina Ramirez is a senior in high school in Oxnard, California, who's taking an Intro to Psychology class.

Alina Ramirez

During one of their first chapter lessons on "stress," her teacher, Brett Phillips, gave the class a list of "ways to cope with stress." Ramirez highlighted some of her favorite items on the list.

Ramirez told BuzzFeed News Phillips is well-attuned to the stressful situations — both personal and academic — students face every day.

Twitter: @lovelyyy_lina

"He knows how stressed we are with school, sports, work, and life in general, so he gave us the paper to help us, and just to have in case we are stressed," she said.

The list is a mix of specific and ideological "tips."

For example, number 39 is "Have goals for yourself," number 54 is "Find support from others," number 56 is "Do it today," and number 83 is "Play patty-cake with a toddler."

Phillips concludes the list with number 101: "Freely praise other people."

Ramirez was so inspired by the list that she shared it on Twitter. It has since been retweeted over 20,000 times by complete strangers.

Her mentions are filled with people thanking her for putting it online and making it accessible to everyone else.

Twitter: @lovelyyy_lina

"It has impacted a lot of people," she said.

Phillips told BuzzFeed News he designed his curriculum for his psychology class so that the "Stress and Health" unit would come first in the school year, as seniors are dealing with college applications and other stress factors during this time.

Brett Phillips

This is the 10th year Phillips has given his students the now-famous list.

Over the years, he's compiled the list from "various textbooks I've read, articles, and just thinking of things that most people could do to live a less stressful life," he said.

He adds and emphasizes that he does not take credit for authoring the list, and that he provided the list to his students for a "project" and exercise in reducing stress.

"I give students the list and then I have them pick five things that they need to start doing to lower their stress levels," he explained.

Ramirez told BuzzFeed News she keeps the list in the front of her binder at all times and refers to it whenever she's feeling overwhelmed at school.

Alina Ramirez

"Honestly his list has helped me a lot," she said.

Phillips implements the things he's suggested on the list in his own life. "I do a lot of the things on the list to enjoy life more myself," he said, adding, "Life's short — too much stress will make it even shorter!"



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