President Trump Hung Out With A Racist Musician At The White House Last Night

Ted Nugent has called Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel," has defended apartheid, and has posted anti-Semitic rants on Facebook.

President Donald Trump hung out with Sarah Palin and musicians Kid Rock and Ted Nugent at the White House on Wednesday.

Nugent has been blasted as a racist for years, and Kid Rock has promoted questionable things in his past.

Last March, Nugent posted an image to his Facebook page of a moving truck labeled "Two Niggers And A Stolen Truck."

That incident came just one month after he apologized for an anti-Semitic Facebook post in which he showed images of several politicians — like Michael Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, and Chuck Schumer — each with an Israeli flag next to their faces, under the phrase "So who is really behind gun control?"

He's also defended apartheid by saying that "all men are not created equal."

Additionally, he's called Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel," and he wrote on Facebook that Obama and Hillary Clinton should be "tried for treason & hung."

In an op-ed he wrote for the website WorldNetDaily on Feb. 10, 2013, Nugent imagined a scenario in which a Republican president had called for the use of drone strikes.

"Jesse Jackson and Al Not-So-Sharpton would be lisping their ebonic mumbo-jumbo that the policy and the president are racist and bigoted," he wrote.

In another piece for the website Rare on July 18, 2013, Nugent wrote about the death of Trayvon Martin. In it, he referred to Martin as a "17-year-old dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe."

Kid Rock most recently came under fire for selling a pro-Trump T-shirt that depicted a map of electoral votes across the country; the red states were labeled the United States of America, and the blue states were called "Dumbfuck-istan." The musician defended his sales by saying that they were in "overwhelming demand."

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the White House for comment.

Both Palin and Nugent posted photos on their Facebook page.

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