This Goalkeeper Threw The Ball Into His Own Team's Goal, It’s Fine

Admit it, soccer fans: You’ve been secretly waiting to see if this would ever happen, haven't you?

If you’re having a rough day/week/year, just remember this Minnesota United goalkeeper who accidentally threw the ball into his own goal during a game against an English Premier League team.

This is the own goal in the MN United game... the likes of which you'll never see again.

Minnesota goalkeeper Sammy Ndjock looks like he attempted to throw the ball back into play after making a save near the edge of the 18-yard box, but the ball slipped from his hand and bounced into the goal. Minnesota lost 4-0 to visiting team AFC Bournemouth at the July 20 game.

Basically, this is a goalkeeper’s worst nightmare.

Luckily, AFC Bournemouth was pretty nice about the unexpected goal, calling it an “awkward moment” on Twitter.

26: An awkward moment for goalkeeper Ndjock as he goes to throw the ball out, but throws it into his own net! #afcb now lead 2-0! #MNUvBOU

Minnesota United also had fun with the epic fail, and made a spoof video "explaining" how it happened. (Spoiler alert: It involves jelly.)

PSA: always wait at least 30 minutes after eating jelly sandwiches before hitting the pitch... #BlameItOnTheJelly

A spokesperson for Minnesota United told BuzzFeed News that Ndjock has turned down several interviews because “the video is enough.”

He said Ndjock “knows everyone makes mistakes and wants this to serve as a lesson to anyone out there who has made a mistake, big or small, that it's ok to laugh at yourself.”

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