Kanye West Breaking Up Paparazzi Fights Is Apparently A Thing Now

The Life Of...paparazzi intervention?

Between maintaining a consistently controversial Twitter account, showing at New York Fashion Week, and dropping an album, Kanye West has been anything but complacent lately.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

But the Chicago-bred rapper/designer/producer/mogul might need to add one more skill to his title: peacemaker.

Dimitrios Kambouris

A moment captured by TMZ on Friday shows West breaking up a scuffle between two paparazzi camped outside an airport.

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The clip shows Yeezy navigating a media frenzy when one photographer throws a punch at the guy next to him.

TMZ / Via youtube.com

The crowd opens up, and the same paparazzo then tries to kick the man.

TMZ / Via youtube.com

“Bro, bro, bro! Come on, man,” West can be heard telling the paparazzo as Yeezy — wait for it — pulls the man toward him in an embrace to break up the fight.

TMZ / Via youtube.com

“Hug it out,” he says, patting the angry man on the chest amid cheers.

TMZ / Via youtube.com

West then continued to answer media questions and sign autographs. When one reporter asked if he and Kim Kardashian would have a third child, he said, “Perhaps.”

In reference to his tweet asking Mark Zuckerberg to basically invest $1 billion dollars into his ideas, he said he thought the Facebook founder "might help out."

Never a dull moment with this guy, am I right?

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images