Kanye West Breaking Up Paparazzi Fights Is Apparently A Thing Now

The Life Of...paparazzi intervention?

Between maintaining a consistently controversial Twitter account, showing at New York Fashion Week, and dropping an album, Kanye West has been anything but complacent lately.

But the Chicago-bred rapper/designer/producer/mogul might need to add one more skill to his title: peacemaker.

A moment captured by TMZ on Friday shows West breaking up a scuffle between two paparazzi camped outside an airport.

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The clip shows Yeezy navigating a media frenzy when one photographer throws a punch at the guy next to him.

The crowd opens up, and the same paparazzo then tries to kick the man.

“Bro, bro, bro! Come on, man,” West can be heard telling the paparazzo as Yeezy — wait for it — pulls the man toward him in an embrace to break up the fight.

“Hug it out,” he says, patting the angry man on the chest amid cheers.

West then continued to answer media questions and sign autographs. When one reporter asked if he and Kim Kardashian would have a third child, he said, “Perhaps.”

In reference to his tweet asking Mark Zuckerberg to basically invest $1 billion dollars into his ideas, he said he thought the Facebook founder "might help out."

Never a dull moment with this guy, am I right?

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