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Seattle Police Officer Helps Deliver Baby After Making Traffic Stop

Police dashcam footage shows Seattle Police officer Anthony Reynolds helping clear the newborn baby's windpipe after he pulled the family over for speeding on their way to the hospital.

Posted on August 18, 2015, at 9:28 a.m. ET

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Seattle Police Department / Via

Around 3:45 a.m. Sunday, a Seattle Police officer stopped a car that had been speeding through traffic lights, only to discover that the man behind the wheel was rushing to the hospital with pregnant wife in the passenger's seat.

She was in labor, due to give birth any minute.

Officer Anthony Reynolds can be heard on a clip of the dashcam video footage telling the father, who has not been identified, that he would call an ambulance.

The father-to-be insisted that he could make it to the hospital, and pleaded for Reynolds to let him go.

Three minutes later, the mother of the child could be heard screaming, "The baby is out! The baby is out!" over the shrill cries of the newborn. The ambulance had still not arrived.

According to a Seattle Police Department blog post, the baby, who was identified by authorities as a girl, experienced some complications breathing after she was born.

"After first giving a full-throated cry as she burst into the world, the young girl began struggling to breathe," the post read.

This is where Reynolds, who by then was accompanied by three other officers, stepped in.

"With the help of the child's mother, Officer Reynolds cleared the baby's airway and got her breathing again," the blog read.

An ambulance arrived later to transport the family to a nearby hospital. The mother was recorded to be in stable condition.

In a note written to the police department, the family said, "You have helped deliver a special gift," and added, "we are so grateful."