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Jury Finds Starbucks Not Responsible For Police Officer's Coffee Spill Injuries

A police officer from Raleigh, North Carolina, sued the coffee chain for $750,000 after a spilled cup of coffee left him with third degree burns that irritated his Crohn's Disease.

Posted on May 11, 2015, at 12:27 p.m. ET

A jury found Monday that Raleigh police officer Matthew Kohr was not injured by a spilled cup of Starbucks coffee in 2012. Kohr sustained third degree burns and flare-up of his pre-existing Crohn's Disease. He sued the $100 billion company for $750,000.

Ted S. Warren / AP Photo

Time Warner Cable News reported that the jury received the case on Friday, but was unable to reach a verdict before the weekend. Monday morning, the judge informed them that a unanimous decision was not mandatory.

Both sides Agree to accept a jury verdict of 11 jurors or more. A unanimous decision is not needed.

During Kohr's cross examination on May 6, ABC News reported that he said he did not think his cup of coffee was "that hot" when the lid popped off unexpectedly, causing the beverage to spill down his leg and inner thigh.

The police officer had to undergo intestinal surgery following the incident, which he took into account when deciding what sort of damages to ask for in his law suit. He also factored in the emotional distressed the procedure caused his wife and children.

He told the court that initially, he had planned to ask for more money.

"It was hard to put a price on what my wife had to go through, what my kids had to go through," Kohr said. "What's a year and a half, two years of your life worth? I thought it was worth $10 million."

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