College Student Posts Racist Snapchat About Protesting Athletes

The student wrote that the NFL players who raised their fists during the national anthem needed "a damn bullet in their head.” The student is no longer at the university.

A freshman at Belmont University, a popular "Christian" college, posted this last night. #WelcomeToAmerica in 2016.

A student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, posted a racist comment on Snapchat about NFL players who protested during the national anthem — and administrators later said he is "no longer a student" there.

“Piece of shit niggers. Every one of them needs a damn bullet in their head,” wrote the freshman. “If you don’t like this country get the hell out.”

The university's student paper, the Belmont Vision, named the student as Justin Woodard and said he was expelled. BuzzFeed News was unable to immediately confirm that was the student's name.

The student appeared to have taken the snap Monday night, when the Philadelphia Eagles faced the Chicago Bears.

Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins, Ron Brooks, and Steven Means stood with their fists raised as the national anthem played, NBC reported.

Scores of professional and amateur athletes across the country have taken part in protesting the national anthem. They have aligned themselves with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who made headlines for taking a knee when the song played on Aug. 26 in order to draw attention to police brutality and racial discrimination in the US.

The Tennessean reported that the student's Snapchat post went viral after Belmont students took screenshots and shared the image on Twitter and Facebook.

Tuesday afternoon, Belmont University released a statement addressing the issue, saying that the institution rejects “comments rooted in racism or bigotry,” and would investigate.

Belmont rejects comments rooted in racism or bigotry. See statement below.

About two hours later, the university released another statement announcing that the freshman “is no longer a student at Belmont.”

UPDATE: After investigating the racist social media post, the person involved is no longer a student at Belmont.

Belmont’s statement went on to say that as a Christian institution, “it is our goal to build a diverse and inclusive community where all students feel accepted, safe and valued.”

The incident comes the same month that black freshmen at American University said they had been harassed by a group of white men in recent weeks — including having bananas thrown at them — and that students at Eastern Michigan University found “KKK” and “Leave Niggers” spray painted on the side of a campus building.

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