A Man In Florida Crashed His Paddleboard Into A Shark

Nope. Nope. Nope.

This is Maximo Trinidad, who lives in Port Saint Lucie in South Florida.

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On Thursday, Trinidad decided to go paddleboarding during his lunch break at a popular surf spot called Corners in the Palm Beach area.

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Let's just reflect for a minute on the fact that there are places in the world where it’s perfectly acceptable to go paddleboarding during one’s lunch break.

Anyhoo, the afternoon seemed chill enough, as seen by the video Trinidad recorded from a camera attached to his board.

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But then, Trinidad’s board collided with a spinner shark, sending him careening into the water!

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He resurfaced seconds later, shouting “Holy shit!” as he got back on his board.

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In the video he posted to YouTube, Trinidad called the experience “priceless” and said that it made for an awesome day.

"I wasn't even scared," he told ABC News.

Watch the full video here — and vow to never go in the surf again:

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