This Is How Storm Chasers Are Honoring The Memory Of Bill Paxton

After the Emmy-nominated actor died due to complications from surgery, storm chasers honored the movie star who inspired a new generation of extreme weather–lovers.

Storm chasers in the midwest are using their GPS locations to honor actor Bill Paxton — a star of Titanic, Aliens, Twister, and Big Love — who died on Saturday at the age of 61.

Storm spotters are creating a 'BP' right now, in honor of actor (and star of "Twister") Bill Paxton. Paxton died to…

Paxton costarred with Helen Hunt in the 1996 movie Twister — which is about a team of storm chasers researching tornados by placing measurement devices directly in the path of tornadoes.

Storm spotters in the mid-west are organising their GPS locations in memory of Bill Paxton 🙌🏻

The movie, which was the second-highest-grossing film that year, put storm-chasers in the spotlight.

#BillPaxton Thanks for inspiring #StormChasers Say hello to our friends Tim, Carl, Paul, & Andy #chase the #dryline…

And had everyone feeling sorry for this cow.

Probably one of the most famous scenes in #twister #billpaxtontribute

It also inspired a generation of people to take an interest in meteorology, like Jesse Hawila, a meteorologist for a Dallas, Texas TV station.

A big reason I became obsessed with meteorology as a kid was the movie Twister. I would watch you every day after s…

"From weather geeks everywhere... thanks for the #Twister memories. RIP Bill Paxton," tweeted Chris Bailey of the Kentucky Weather Center.

From weather geeks everywhere... thanks for the #Twister memories. RIP Bill Paxton.

According to the Associated Press, the nonprofit Spotter Network is responsible for the effort. This is the first time Spotter Network has honored a non-chaser in this way. Each dot on the map represents an individual storm-chaser's GPS coordinates.

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