People Dragged Conservative Laura Ingraham For This Weird Tweet Of A Liquor Bottle

"This is Mayor de Blasio's New York."

This is Laura Ingraham. She's a firebrand conservative radio commentator and was rumored to be under consideration to serve as Donald Trump's White House press secretary.

On Saturday, she tweeted this photo of an empty bottle on a New York City street and blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio.

She appears to have crouched down to the ground to take a photo of a small bottle of brandy on a very clean street (by New York City standards).

Her tweet immediately became a meme online, with people mocking the photo.

This is Mayor DeBlasio's New York. Trash everywhere. Homelessness on the rise.

Other cities also apparently had "bottle problems."

.@IngrahamAngle you should see Atlantic City, what a mess

@behindyourback @IngrahamAngle I'm also suffering in FILTHY L.A.

And even people's homes were suffering under trash...

.@IngrahamAngle This is Maura Quint's New Floor. Trash everywhere. Horrible takes on the rise.

.@IngrahamAngle situation is critical at my house too. There is a Cat warlord drinking Starbucks.

The bottle meme even went across borders.

@IngrahamAngle The streets of Tokyo are abysmal, Laura. Send help.

.@IngrahamAngle This is Justin Trudeau's Canada. Dust bunnies in some corners. Philosophy PhDs arguably underpaid.

The Twitter jokes were apparently all too much and Ingraham had locked her account for a period of time before opening it back up on Sunday afternoon.

Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle, 1.2m followers) got dragged for this De Blasio tweet and has now locked her account

Another victim of de Blasio's New York!

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