A Spanish-Language Church Sign Was Defaced With Racist Pro-Trump Graffiti

The words "TRUMP NATION" and "WHITES ONLY" were written on the sign.

A Spanish-language sign at an Episcopal church in Silver Spring, Maryland — a heavily Latino neighborhood just outside Washington D.C. — was vandalized on Saturday night with the words "TRUMP NATION" and "WHITES ONLY."

Facebook: dioceseofwashington

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington wrote on Facebook she is "heartsick" at the vandalism at the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour.

Bishop Buddee added that she "can only imagine how the people of Our Saviour, one of the most culturally diverse parishes in the diocese, feel."

Graffiti at Our Savior Baptist Church in Silver Spring. #NBC4DC

Jim Naughton, a spokesman for the Bishop, told the Associated Press that the banner was also slashed and the same words were written on a wall in the memorial garden section of the parish.

Bishop Budde attended the Spanish-language congregation service on Sunday in "solidarity" with the parity, its congregants and community.

The graffiti is just the latest racist incident to occur in the US since Donald Trump was elected president.

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