A Woman Has Been Arrested In The Beating Of A 92-Year-Old Man In Los Angeles

The attackers allegedly beat him with a brick and shouted at him to "go back" to Mexico.

A woman has been arrested in Los Angeles in connection with a vicious attack on a 92-year-old man who says he was beaten with a brick, resulting in two broken ribs and a broken cheekbone, among other injuries.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Tuesday night arrested Laquisha Jones, 30, over the July 4 beating of Rodolfo Rodriguez, a grandfather who was visiting his family in Los Angeles.

Jones has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and has bail set at $200,000.

"Due to working every angle and lead in the case, it ultimately resulted in the arrest of Laquisha Jones without incident," the sheriff's department said in a statement,.

The sheriff's department added that the weapon in the beating has not been located and the motive for the attack is still unknown.

"Investigators are still determining if there are more suspects involved. The investigation is ongoing," a sheriff's department press release stated.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News earlier this week, Erik Mendoza, the man's grandson, said the incident happened when his grandfather accidentally bumped into a little girl during his nightly walk around the neighborhood. Mendoza said his grandfather was subsequently thrown to the ground by the girl's mother and beaten with a brick, while four men joined in the alleged assault.

"He's a 92-year-old man," Mendoza said of his grandfather, who was admitted to hospital after the attack. "There’s no possible threat."

Misbel Borjas, a witness who saw the attack and filmed the aftermath told BuzzFeed News that she heard the attackers shouting at him to "go back" to Mexico.

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In just four days, a GoFundMe campaign to help with Rodriguez' medical bills had raised over $250,000 after an original goal of just $15,000 was set.

Attempts to reach Jones' family members for comment were not immediately returned, and information on an attorney representing the suspect could not be found.

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