Four #WhoBitBeyonce Suspects Based On The Internet's Investigations

Tiffany Haddish claims an unnamed actor bit Queen Bey at a party and now everyone's a detective.

Tiffany Haddish is spilling secrets about partying with Beyoncé again, this time revealing that she witnessed an actor bite the singer at a party.

The revelation has the internet quite shook, and the always-ready Beyhive has launched an investigation using #WhoBitBeyonce in an attempt to find the alleged culprit.

@yoyotrav @deray I’m starting a hashtag because I need to know: #WhoBitBeyonce ???

in the criminal justice system, Beyoncé is represented by two separate yet equally important groups: me, hunter harris, who investigates crimes, and tiffany haddish, who snitches on the offenders

Some astute fans noticed that Haddish said the incident took place at the same party where she and Beyoncé took the selfie the Girls Trip actress posted on Instagram, Dec. 22, 2017.

tiffany haddish said in gq that the bite™ happened the same night as her selfie with bey, at an afterparty for jay’s 4:44 tour in inglewood (that also explains why bey is hiding part of her face)

As with all mysteries, the internet was on the case and narrowed the list of suspects down to the women below.

#WhoBitBeyonce (cue SVU theme song)... In case you're wondering, twitter has narrowed it down to Queen Latifah, Sanaa Lathan and Sara Foster. Mystery solved.

#WhoBitBeyonce Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Foster, and Lathan are the actresses that were there.

#whobitbeyonce the only actresses who were at the concert were Sanaa Lathan and Sara Foster so unless some names are missing 👀

OMG Sara Foster is being accused of biting Beyonce! 😱Meanwhile her sister Erin is saying Sara planted this rumor. They are hilarious! 🤣😂

Queen Latifah: She was photographed at the show by TMZ and is famous enough to have been invited to the after-party, but it's THE QUEEN. We refuse to believe she would ever do such a thing.

Charlotte McKinney: The Baywatch actor was reported to be at the concert, but doesn't seem like a likely member of the Carter's party circle.

Sara Foster: The former 90210 actor and VH1 reality star was seen at the concert with Jen Meyer. She and her sister Erin Foster do come off as outspoken/outgoing fun girls about town, but is she be capable of this outrageous action? (Foster addressed the bite allegations on her Instagram.)

Sanaa Lathan: The star of the upcoming Netflix series Nappily Ever After has been a staple on the LA party scene for years and definitely runs in the same circle as the Carters. She was reported to be at the show with French Montana, and that's all we'll say about that. However, on Monday, Lathan tweeted, "Y’all are funny. Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would’ve been a love bite".

Of course, there were also a lot of people who were there who we don't know, so it could be one of them! If we do ever find out who bit Beyoncé, the Beyhive is sure to make the rest of their entire existence miserable.

But...apparently Chrissy Teigen knows who it is but will not tell us.

@platinumjones My initial guess was wrong. The real person? I *never* would have guessed. I’VE SAID TOO MUCH

TMZ reports that the mystery biter is Lathan, according to multiple sources.


This post has been updated to include Chrissy Teigen's tweet.


This piece has been edited to note that we don't actually know who bit Beyoncé. A prior version of this post suggested it was Sanaa Lathan. Let us know if you have any tips!


This post has been updated to include Sanaa Lathan's response on Twitter, in which she denies biting Beyoncé.


This post has been updated to include TMZ's report that Lathan is the biter.

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